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Discussing Holidays And Vacations When Creating A Parenting Plan

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2022 | Child Custody |

Many families in New York may feel it vital to start planning for holiday and vacation seasons well before these occasions arrive. As a parent, times such as spring and summer break and holidays may leave you with a hectic schedule and an extensive list of things to accomplish in a brief period. 

After going through the end of a marriage, preparing for holidays and vacations may seem much more intimidating, as it may involve planning for more than one household. Finding ways to address similar concerns while pursuing an amicable parenting plan could prove vital to safeguarding the needs of your kids. 

Possible Concerns 

There are various concerns that may arise when planning for holidays and vacations after going through a divorce. Addressing these concerns early on could prove imperative, some of which may include: 

  • Conflicting schedules: Communicating with the other parent about holidays and vacations and planning for these occasions early on could help keep you from creating conflicting schedules that only lead to confusion. 
  • Vacations and breaks: During spring or summer break, you might wish to take your kids on a trip to the beach or amusement park. Communicating your wishes with the other spouse early on may help keep your plans from leading to conflict. 
  • Children’s interests: Your children may benefit the most when they have ample access to both parents during special occasions. While protecting their needs can be vital, it could also prove somewhat challenging at times. 
  • Distance as a concern: If you and the other parent do not live close to one another, travel times and distances may also be an issue. Finding ways to keep this from affecting schedules can be challenging. 

During holidays or birthdays, communicating with the other parent about gifts could also be integral to helping your children enjoy the seasons without feeling the need to compete over purchases. 

Needs Of The Kids 

There may be numerous issues to address regarding holidays and vacations while pursuing an amicable and acceptable parenting plan. Although approaching similar occasions after a divorce can be stressful, covering similar topics might play an integral role in promoting a positive coparenting relationship while limiting confusion and conflict. Focusing on the future and the needs of your kids may help place you in a better position to make choices that best align with their interests and limit stress during special occasions in your life.