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About Our Firm

We know divorce can bring many emotional upheavals in your life. Managing your emotions while dealing with technical, complex legal issues can be frustrating and exhausting. We get this. At Donnellan Law, PLLC, our attorneys are focused on family law issues, from divorce and child custody to property division and adoptions.

The Donnellan Law Experience™

The knowledge our attorneys have gained helping hundreds of clients during our more than 25 years of legal practice allows us to help you navigate the complexity of the legal system. We take the time to discuss your needs and goals and craft a uniquely tailored plan, which we call the Donnellan Law Experience™. We understand every divorce is different, and we work with you to develop the tactics necessary to achieve your strategic goals.

Our attorneys have decades of practice working with New York family law issues, and we can help you whether you need a traditional, litigated divorce or want a collaborative divorce.

Our Partners

Photo of Teresa G. Donnellan, Esq.
Teresa G. Donnellan, Esq.
Photo of Katherine L. Mastaitis, Esq.
Katherine L. Mastaitis, Esq.
Photo of Sarah I. Wood, Esq.
Sarah I. Wood, Esq.

Our Associates

Headshot of Caitlin L. Curtin

Caitlin L. Curtin

Belinda Munday, Esq.

A Seasoned Team

A law firm is more than just its attorneys. At Donnellan Law, PLLC, our attorneys are supported by a strong team of dedicated individuals who work to make your experience working with our lawyers as transparent and straightforward as possible.

We understand the concerns and uncertainty you experience during this process, and we keep you informed and up to date to ensure you know the status of your case during every part of the process.

Contact Us Today

We know you may feel uncertain and overwhelmed. Our attorneys and staff provide the informed, compassionate and responsive service you need to calm your fears and help you move forward. Call our office at 518-602-3820 or use our online contact form to set up a consultation with our attorneys.