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Spousal Support and Maintenance in New York

The attorneys at Donnellan Law, PLLC understand that the idea of seeking or paying spousal support can feel stressful.  Whether you are looking to receive spousal support, or your spouse or ex-spouse is seeking spousal support from you, our attorneys are here to guide you through the process.

There are a number of reasons why a person may seek spousal support from their spouse or ex-spouse.  A person may want to ensure that they have the necessary finances to be financially stable after a separation or divorce.  Spousal support is also a reflection of what a spouse’s contributions meant to the marriage.  It can help those who are seeking the support better transition into their life post-divorce.

Seeking financial support feels complicated.  It may feel like asking for charity, or like you are dependent on your spouse or ex-spouse.  This can sometimes feel like a reinforcement of negative dynamics that occurred in the marriage, perhaps even those dynamics that led to the separation or divorce.  You and your spouse or ex-spouse may also want a clean break and feel that the process of receiving spousal support will only draw out what is already a difficult experience.  These reservations about spousal support are completely understandable.

At Donnellan Law, PLLC, we believe that a fair award of spousal support is a practical way of helping you to move forward.  Whether you are looking to receive spousal support, or your spouse or ex-spouse is seeking spousal support from you, the attorneys at Donnellan Law, PLLC will advocate for you to receive or provide a fair amount of support that reflects the contributions that were made to the marriage and family.

Some Things You Should Know About Spousal Support in New York

Although sometimes used interchangeably with the term spousal maintenance, spousal support is paid while a couple is still married or when they have entered into a separation agreement.  Spousal maintenance is paid after a final judgment of divorce or while a divorce is pending.  Spousal support orders are typically given in Family Court, but maintenance payments can be ordered as part of a divorce in Supreme Court.

Maintenance generally falls under two categories:

  • Maintenance to be paid while the action of divorce is pending which is called pendente lite or temporary maintenance.
  • Maintenance that is disbursed after the divorce is finalized.

The attorneys at Donnellan Law, PLLC will explain how this works for your specific circumstances, allowing you to make informed, meaningful decisions for your situation.

Our attorneys are skilled at helping you determine what your needs are in accordance with your future plans. We may encourage you to meet with a qualified financial planner to help you reach the best possible outcome.

The attorneys at Donnellan Law, PLLC are experienced and compassionate in fighting for fair compensation for you. This means our attorneys and staff are dedicated to handling every facet of your divorce proceedings, including spousal support and maintenance.

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