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Requesting To Relocate With An Existing Child Custody Agreement

On Behalf of | Mar 27, 2023 | Child Custody |

There may be numerous vital topics to address when pursuing an amicable and acceptable child custody agreement. During this process, you and the other parent may both feel it vital to take every possible measure to reach an agreement that focuses on preserving the interests and needs of your child. 

However, while your custody arrangement may function as intended initially, what happens if a change in life leaves you facing a desire or need to relocate to a new area? Such a change might prompt a need to revisit and request modifications to your child custody agreement, but this might not always prove a simple task. 

Things To Know About Relocation Requests 

In some cases, it may be possible to seek modifications by speaking with the other parent about the situation. However, if negotiations do not prove fruitful, it might be up to the court to decide whether to approve your request and some factors the court may wish to address could include: 

  • Reason for request:  The motivation behind your request to relocate may have a significant influence on the situation. Changes in employment and a desire to live closer to family members may be examples of valid reasons for such requests. 
  • Interests of your child:  The court may wish to address how the proposed relocation might affect your child’s life and whether modifications to your custody agreement will align with your child’s needs and interests. 
  • Existing provisions:  It may also be helpful to review your current custody agreement to see if there are any existing provisions on the topic of relocation, as this could influence the outcome of your request. 
  • Distance of relocation:  The distance of your proposed relocation will also be a significant factor. Receiving approval to relocate may be more complex with greater distances, even if you remain in the same state. 

Seeking guidance in evaluating New York state child custody laws and on things to consider regarding relocation may be integral to helping you prepare for the subsequent process. 

Modifying A Child Custody Agreement 

Child custody can be one of the most complex aspects of family law and even if you have valid reasons to request relocation, such topics can still prove hotly contested matters at times. With various essential factors to address, you might find it beneficial to consider seeking guidance in preparing to navigate every stage of this process. This could provide you with much-needed insight into what to expect as you prepare to seek the necessary child custody modifications to safeguard your needs and the interests of your child.